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3 Way Trucking, Inc. is comprised of a frac sand trucking division that run late model trucks with bulk pneumatic trailers, portable sand conveyors, a rail transloader, silo storage facility, maintenance and welding shops, multiple office locations, and other various heavy equipment such as loaders and dump trucks.

All of 3 Way Trucking's sand orders and dispatching are supervised by Mike Garland, President, while multiple dispatchers receive the orders and synchronize the fleet accordingly. They make themselves available to you 24/7 for any questions concerning your sand delivery and acquisition.

To ensure you that the location of your sand orders is always known, the drivers of 3 Way Trucking, Inc. are required to keep in constant contact with dispatch, especially before and after, loading and unloading.

For any other questions or concerns regarding pricing, invoicing, storage, or information pertaining to any services we offer, an entire office full of employees is on hand to answer those questions and more.


Bulk Pneumatic hauling and Vacuum Pneumatics

3 Way Trucking, Inc. consists of both company trucks and owner operators that all have bulk pneumatic trailers. Some of the trucks and trailers are equipped with vacuum pneumatics to help with clean-out services.

The owner operators work exclusively with 3 Way Trucking, Inc. and both their drivers and equipment are screened to meet all of 3 Way Trucking’s requirements. They run under 3 Way Trucking’s authority, and 3 Way Trucking handles all of their licensing and permits. This allows 3 Way Trucking, Inc. to cast a net of continuity over their entire fleet that ensures customers their commodity is handled with safe and dependable drivers and equipment.

Mike Garland only allows late model trucks to join his fleet to help prevent down time due to the maintenance needs of older models. Their entire fleet is kept serviced, maintained, and cleaned for quality service and the safety of employees and customers.


Portable Clean-Out Sand Conveyor and Rail Transloader

3 Way Trucking, Inc. has portable sand conveyor units available for clean-out services as well as a portable rail transloader, conveyor. Their custom built conveyor units allow them to offer a quick and efficient clean-out service, allowing customers to transfer sand and equipment to other sites on time and when needed.


Sand Silo Storage Facilities

3 Way Tucking, Inc. has a silo storage facility located near Fort Worth in Boyd, Texas. Their silo facility consists of 10 silos allowing customers to have the ability to store up to 10 different types of sand if necessary. 5 silos have the capacity to hold approximately 650,000 pounds of sand each, another 2 silos have the capacity to hold approximately 550,000 pounds of sand each, while 3 additional, smaller silos have the capacity to hold about 130,000 pounds of sand each.


Maintenance on the Road, On-Site, and in the Shop

3 Way Trucking, Inc. has a maintenance and welding facility located near Fort Worth, Texas and maintenance trucks for on the road or on-site repairs. The punctual and efficient delivery and transfer of customer’s frac sand is essential. That is why 3 Way Trucking, Inc. insists on having a strong, dependable maintenance crew. Customers should never have to worry about inefficient delivery of their commodities or even worse, problems on-site due to poorly maintained equipment. 3 Way Trucking, Inc. strives to prevent these issues so their customers have a more profitable experience.



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