We pride ourselves in retaining a strong financial foundation and going above and beyond the standard insurance and safety requirements.



For over 20 years, Mike Garland, President of 3 Way Trucking, Inc., worked along side his Father to build and sustain a successful sand and gravel trucking operation known as “Garland Trucking.” 

In 1994, with a strategic plan to revolutionize what he had help grow, Mike Garland, along with his sister, Tammy Lauritsen, and brother, Billy Garland, purchased Garland Trucking and immediately began to restructure it into the successful company known today as 3 Way Trucking, Inc.

Over the course of another 20 years, 3 Way Trucking, Inc. obtained the strength and stability it needed to become a widely known and trusted fleet for frac sand delivery, storage, and transfers.

In 2004, the company significantly altered their fleet and operations from 100% sand and gravel, end dump and dump truck transporting, to 100% bulk pneumatic transporting of frac sand. They didn’t stop there.

By early 2005, 3 Way Trucking, Inc. noticed a need for frac sand storage and began the construction and installation of a silo storage facility at their corporate headquarters in Boyd, Texas. Soon after, they started offering clean-out services through the use of sand conveyors and vacuum pneaumatics, increasing their customers profitability.

Now, after over a decade of servicing the frac sand industry, 3 Way Trucking, Inc. is expanding even more. In early 2011, 3 Way Trucking, Inc. opened a facility in San Antonio, Texas and by early 2012, due to the growing demand, 3 Way Trucking, Inc. built a new and larger facility in Floresville, Texas near San Antonio with the industries needs in mind.